Why hire a professional event photographer?

There is an enormous difference between the quality of photos captured by an amateur and a professional photographer, however, not all professional event photographers are the same. At Lyra Lopez Photography, we only use the best cameras, lenses, and lighting therefore providing the highest quality event photography available. Our experience has placed us in some of the most difficult lighting situations possible, yet the quality of our work remains consistent. Knowledge of our equipment and the assertiveness we carry into every session allows us to capture the shots you require. From top Forbes companies to Holiday parties and family reunions, we know how to capture your event with confidence.

Event Photography

We specialize in Corporate Event Photography and based in San Francisco Bay Area. We photograph all kinds of corporate conferences as well as events such as brand launches, business functions, large scale conventions with more than 1500 delegates, seminars, company functions, opening ceremonies, awards events, media presentations and much more. No event photography assignment is too small or too big.  Our approach is unobtrusive, professional and on time. We take pride in providing event coverage for some of the top companies in the Bay Area.

All our work is guaranteed

Successful corporate event photography requires more than artistry – it also requires good people skills.  We understand the special requirements for a corporate event and conference photographer and we have the skills you need to capture the “special moments” of your particular conference or event. We will take as much time as necessary to discuss and listen to your needs before the event to ensure we convey your intended message in our images. Once we have your brief, we work diligently and unobtrusively to capture the key moments of your conference or event and provide you with images for your web site, advertising, marketing and editorial.  We love what we do and honestly care about the service we provide to all our clients. All our work is guaranteed.

Corporate Photography

We are saturated with websites/social networking sites, blogs and networks that depict each company’s image and the teams behind the corporate stories. We will help you create strong imagery that defines your corporate image. This is vital to differentiate your presence in the corporate market. From contemporary corporate portraits, corporate head shots to business corporate photography, we understand that the presentation of your corporate photography is significant to your corporate marketing and we will make certain that you are happy with the results.

Corporate Portrait Photography

Our professional photography services cover corporate head shots for individuals, staff groups and large business teams. Whether you are a sole trader, business team or company CEO, we have the skills and technical knowledge to capture great corporate portraits and/or corporate head shots with minimal disruption to your busy day at your office, on location or at your location. We understand the special requirements for corporate head shots photography.  We take as much time as possible to listen to your corporate portraits brief to ensure that we understand your vision and deliver images that meet your needs.  We always create professional portraits but we also strive to capture the essence of the person as much as their business role.